RSVP Street is built on the Mobilizon platform by Framasoft. Mobilizon is a federated platform, so your public events are shared between RSVP Street and certain other Mobilizon instances. Public events on those instances are also available for discovery on RSVP Street. Your group and events are part of a large, global network.

About Federation

RSVP Street federates with certain other Mobilizon instances, but not all. We expect our federation partners to be well moderated and free of surveillance capitalism, and we hand-select them based on those criteria. RSVP Street is based in the United States and most of our users are English-speaking, so we mainly federate with English-language instances (but not entirely).

Supporting Mobilizon and Framasoft

Framasoft produces and maintains Mobilizon at their expense and through the financial support of their contributors. While Mobilizon is free software, maintaining public software comes at a cost. Therefore, we contribute 10% of RSVP Street revenue to the Mobilizon project.